Operate & Observe

Understanding the day-to-day use of Brupop

After installation on your cluster Brupop runs in the background and generally requires no intervention. Your nodes will check for updates and apply them according to your configuration and the Bottlerocket update waves.

However, you can observe the status of the updates by adhoc query or setup on-going monitoring.

Adhoc Query

If you want to see the update status of your nodes, use kubectl to get the custom resource brs :

kubectl get brs --namespace brupop-bottlerocket-aws

kubectl returns the state, current version, target state, and target version. For example:

AME                                               STATE   VERSION     TARGET STATE   TARGET VERSION
brs-node-1                                         Idle    1.17.0     Idle           
brs-node-2                                         Idle    1.17.0     StagedUpdate   1.18.0

On-going monitoring

To facilitate on-going monitoring the Brupop API server and controller provides you with metrics endpoints (/metrics) compatible with Prometheus. The metrics endpoints expose two metrics: one that describes the current version of each node (brupop_hosts_version) and another for the state of each node (brupop_hosts_state).

For a sample configuration of using Prometheus with Brupop see the configuration on the Brupop GitHub Repo .