Removing ECS Updater from your cluster

To uninstall ECS Updater, delete the AWS CloudFormation stack that you previously deployed. Assuming you have the environment variables set from the previous install guide, run the following:

aws cloudformation delete-stack \
    --stack-name ${ECS_UPDATER_STACK} \
    --region ${AWS_REGION}

With no errors, this will give no return status.

To confirm the removal of ECS Updater, describe the stack:

aws cloudformation delete-stack --stack-name ${ECS_UPDATER_STACK}

If deleted, the CLI returns An error occurred (ValidationError) when calling the DescribeStacks operation Stack with id <...> does not exist , otherwise it will show the stack, indicating a still active ECS Updater.

If you followed the Setup instructions and created a log group, make sure and clean that up as well.