Documentation for the Bottlerocket operating system

This section covers installing and using the Bottlerocket operating system1. If you’re looking for information on building, contributing to, or learning about the inner workings of Bottlerocket, the GitHub repo has more information.


The Bottlerocket documentation is organized by minor version, with each minor release getting it’s own namespaced, version-specific section. Inside each version-specific sections are subsections which address specific tasks or categories of information.

The current documented versions:

Something Missing?

Bottlerocket, like any operating system, is complex and rich with options and configuration. This documentation is open-source and likely incomplete, but will evolve over time to encompass a more complete explanation of the software. Should you find gaps, you’re invited to file issues or contribute.

  1. Documentation for projects related to Bottlerocket (such as the Control Container, Admin Container, brupop, etc.) are not present in this documentation and still reside in their respective GitHub repos. In the future, documentation on the use and installation of these tools will migrate to a new section on this site. ↩︎