You are viewing documentation for version 1.15.x. The most current version is 1.20.x.  This documentation is available for 1.20.x.

Node Replacement

How to update a Bottlerocket cluster by replacing nodes

Bottlerocket clusters can be updated via node replacement, meaning that the existing Bottlerocket nodes will be replaced by new Bottlerocket nodes that run updated software. This requires nodes to be reprovisioned.


When running the aws-k8s-* variants of Bottlerocket on EKS, use either the EKS Console or eksctl to update your Bottlerocket nodes using the node replacement method. This means that you are replacing your existing Bottlerocket nodes with new Bottlerocket nodes, rather than updating your existing Bottlerocket nodes in-place.

EKS Console

In order to update your Bottlerocket nodes in an EKS cluster using the EKS Console, follow the steps found under the “AWS Management Console” tab, in the EKS User Guide.


Using eksctl is another option to update your Bottlerocket nodes. Specific commands can be found in the EKS User Guide: “Update a node group version”, on the eksctl tab.