You are viewing documentation for version 1.19.x. The most current version is 1.20.x.  This documentation is available for 1.20.x.


Settings related to metrics (settings.metrics.*)

Setting list for settings.metrics

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The URL where Bottlerocket sends metrics.



Determines if anonymous metrics are sent. If set to true, Bottlerocket will send metrics to the URL defined by settings.metrics.metrics-url at boot and every six hours. If false, Bottlerocket will not send metrics.

Default: true (except on dev variants, where it is false)

Accepted values:
  • true
  • false


A list of systemd services that Bottlerocket will check to determine if a host is healthy.


The default services vary by variant:

  • apiserver (all variants)
  • chronyd (all variants)
  • containerd (all variants)
  • host-containerd (all variants)
  • docker (aws-ecs-*, aws-dev-*)
  • ecs (aws-ecs-*)
  • kubelet (*-k8s-*)
  • vmtoolsd (vmware-*)